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On the nose fresh fruit and balsamic notes, red currant jam, berry compote and licorice. Spice, caramel, vanilla and cocoa aromas build as the wine opens up in your glass. This tempranillo offers red fruit, vanilla and licorice on the palate with a good complexity and a long, lasting, silky finish.
Spain, Tempranillo
Rayna Debow updated notes for Cherry Tart.
Need to add that this is smokey in the glass after awhile. Like campfire on a glass. Drink with applewood smoked cheddar. Yummy
United States » California, Chardonnay
Not the heaviest Amarone in the store but it shows earthy spice and a fuller body of fruit with a great long finish. Drink now
Italy, with a community rating of 93/100
Fantastic Italian table wine! A hint of red fruit, a touch of vanilla and a little rustic earthiness. Perfect for tomato based dishes or if your in the mood for something lighter
Italy, with a community rating of 90/100
This is a thinker kind of wine. Starts off a little tight but showing hints of floral among the fruit. After a proper decanting the aromas leap out of the glass Alinggn with a lengthy finish full of dark fruit and a nice touch of spice. Drink now
Italy, Dolcetto, with a community rating of 93/100
Megan Szajewski updated notes for Rickety Bridge.
Full-bodied and perfectly balanced this Chardonnay offers intense notes of honey, vanilla, and marzipan along with floral and nutty nuances. Presents intense citrus and minerality on the palte as well as vanilla custard and crisp apple.
South Africa, Chardonnay
An interesting and delicious blend of cab sauv, merlot, and cab franc. On the nose it offers violets, raspberries, candied cherries and iron. Very similar on the palate as fresh red fruit, raspberries and cherries shine through.
Creamy vanilla custard, and spiced apple and pear shine both on the nose and palate, with hints of tropical fruit, and a long, lingering finish that leaves you wanting more!
Canada, Chardonnay
Complex bouquet, with fruity notes reminiscent of cherry and prune and toast followed by aromas of milk chocolate. Full bodied, soft and harmonic, the aftertaste is pleasantly fruity and long lasting. Drink now
Italy, with a community rating of 90/100
Portugal's famous Vinho Verde isn't green as the name suggests. In fact, it translates as young. And that youthful vibrancy, touch of sparkle and stony apple and lime and melon flavours are what makes it a deliciously refreshing white.
Portugal, with a community rating of 91/100
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Tinanello Toscana
Category Wine
Vintage 2011
Country Italy
Color Red
Size 750 ml
Price $107.98
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Castelgiocondo Brunello Di Montalcino
Category Wine
Producer Frescobaldi
Country Italy
Color Red
Price $179.99
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Fleur Bordeaux Rouge
Category Wine
Producer Caves De Rauzan
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Country France
Color Red
Size 750 ml
Price $13.99
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Jack. Triggs
Category Wine
Producer Jackson Triggs
Varietal Merlot
Country Canada
Color Red
Size 4 L
Price $39.99
Quantity 22 In Stock
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Terrmater Rsv
Category Wine
Producer Terra Mater
Varietal Sauvignon Blanc
Country Chile
Color White
Size 750 ml
Price $12.89
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